• Episode 6: What’s wrong with inequality?

    Tune in to the latest instalment of The Philosofa podcast. Co-hosts Omar Hamdi and Broderick Chow spark a philosophical powder keg with the question – What’s wrong with inequality? They are joined on their metaphysical sofa by lecturer in political philosophy at the University of York, Martin O’Neill; co-author of the highly-acclaimed, The Spirit Level: why equality is better for … Keep reading
  • Episode 5: Is there a clear line between madness and sanity?

    The Philosofa is back and it’s better than ever! In episode five we explore the question – Is there a clear line between madness and sanity? Joining co-hosts Omar Hamdi and Broderick Chow for a tumble down this philosophical rabbit hole, we have Professor of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, Lisa Bortolotti; and Professor of Clinical Psychology at the … Keep reading
  • Episode 4: What is happiness and can it be measured?

    It brings us great joy to announce that episode four of The Philosofa is all about happiness! In this latest episode, Omar Hamdi and guest co-host Jenny Collier flex their philosophical feathers with the question – what is happiness and can it be measured? To help them crack it, they are joined in the studio by Professor of Philosophy and … Keep reading
  • Episode 3: A little thing called love

    Time to get down and dirty, the latest episode of The Philosofa podcast is all about a little thing called L-O-V-E.  In particular, in episode three we ask the question, ‘What is love?’ In this titillating philosophical romp, comedy gods, Helen and Omar, are joined by an extraordinary array of guest talent. We have the philosopher, Simon May; the marital … Keep reading
  • Episode 2: Science Versus Pseudoscience

    Roll up, roll up! In the latest episode of The Philosofa, Omar and Helen talk science versus pseudoscience. They are joined in the studio by philosopher Professor Ken Gemes of Birkbeck University (returning in full form after episode one); recovering academic and author of award-winning popular science books, David Bodanis; and the economist, widely known for his bestselling and critically … Keep reading
  • Episode 1: Do we want to be lied to? Nietzsche and the problem of the value of truth

     Bring out the marching band, episode one of the The Philosofa podcast is now  online!  And it is only fitting that a giant online entrance should be made with that  firecracker of a philosopher himself – a man who without irony once described  himself  as  ‘dynamite’ – Friedrich Nietzsche.  In particular, Helen and Omar discuss  one aspect  of Nietzsche’s philosophy – what … Keep reading